Real Estate Donation Program

West TN PBS WLJT-TV Channel 11 has been bringing quality local programs to all of West Tennessee since 1968. Your donation helps us to produce even more local programs from right here in West Tennessee. We believe in being as local as possible to share the events, stories, and people of West Tennessee. As the only locally owned television station in all of West Tennessee, we feel it's important to showcase our cities and values. That's what WLJT-TV Channel 11 does best - focus on West Tennessee. We are a 501c3 nonprofit station that doesn't run commercials, rather, we rely on your donations to keep us on the air.

About Real Estate Donations

West TN PBS partner with CARS (Charitable Adult Rides & Services) to process donations in the form of real estate assets. Properties in any location, condition, and format are eligible for donation to West TN PBS. Back taxes, mortgage balances, and deferred maintenance do not prohibit your ability to donate. Our program covers all loans, liens, commissions, and closing costs so long as there is equity in the property.

If you have a land, residential, or commercial real estate asset that is unused or costing you money, consider giving back to the station you love by donating it to West TN PBS. As a result, you may also be eligible for a significant tax deduction!

How it Works


Step 1


Understand Your Scenario

Property Information Submitted

Step 2


Review the Valuation, Liens, Condition, Closing Costs

Donation Purchase Contract Finalized

Step 3


Identify the Best Sale Method and Go to Auction

Nonprofit-Buyer Purchase Contract

Step 4


IRS Forms Sent, Appraisal, Proceeds to Nonprofit

Deed Recorded

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